About me

This potato is a full-time physician. Despite many years of practising medicine, he still feels very uncooked. Unsure of many things, he is fairly positive that he likes interacting with people. As such, he invites you to be part of the journey and would love all the abuses hurled at him. Your views and comments will help him wade through this slippery world of providing a good care.

I am an accidental doctor. For most of my mates in the medical school becoming a doctor had been a life-long aspiration. Some wanted to do good for the society, others came seeking wealth and fame. None of that had motivated be to end up there. When asked what motivated me to become a doctor, I would joke back, “the same reasons that made me choose the family that I was born in”.

Then before becoming a doctor, I became a patient and almost died in the process. It was almost a year before before someone could figure out why I was wasting away. I had assumed that the Gods were punishing me for being the most unworthy medical student. It was tuberculosis and I experienced the miracle that modern medicine can be. Within 2 weeks of treatment I was a different person and could feel the energy of spring. With this “near-death”, “rotting away to death” experience, I became a hypochondriac medical student. If there was a prize for that I am sure I would have won it by an easy margin. I stumbled through the rest of my years as a medical student with an amazing array of self-inflicted tortures, all imagined and one day eventually became a doctor, none wiser about the why of becoming a doctor.

Life goes on, patients come and go. What lingers on is the memory of being with them. They have enriched my life, given it a purpose. A lot more than what I can possibly give back in return.


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